“To have another language is to posses a second soul.”
– Charlemagne

We offer numerous foreign language and art classes that are taught by a highly educated faculty.

Classes are designed to meet the needs of various age groups.

The unique learning materials we use are highly equipped tools that are aimed toward improving the language skills of diverse groups.

We offer high standard educational classes for major business employees

Our Business Purpose classes are designed to accommodate the needs of participating companies by providing lessons at the existing company location(s).

One-on-one conversation classes are offered.

Private tutoring classes are available upon request.

Our classrooms are immaculately designed to provide a calm, yet enjoyable atmosphere.


Why study a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language at any age enriches a child’s mental and social development.

Foreign language programs have managed to demonstrate greater cognitive development, creativity, and divergent thinking in their students.

Likewise, the study of foreign languages increases one’s ability to communicate and develop a deeper understanding of their own and of other cultures.

Knowing a foreign language is beneficial, as it offers a wide pool of employment opportunities for numerous careers including: writer, translator, teacher, foreign correspondent, court interpreter, international police officer, receptionist, secretary, sales personnel, airport personnel, airline flight attendant, tourist guide, travel agent, interviewer, and in all international businesses.